septiembre 17, 2008

drawing my universe

Hi everyone, i hope you are all doing ok. This is my last submission at the 'threadless loves drawing' contest. I took my characters to a more detailed level of illustration. Also, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support, without you i would not be on the frontgate of sheezyart and its quite an honor!

Anyway, when it comes to drawing, there are no limits to our imagination, we can create absolutely everything, from a curious little creature to a complete galaxy. Nothing is impossible. This idea, at least for me, is the 'thing' that has kept me inspired all these years, and surely, other artists share my view.
This is what my illustration is all about. I really hope you guys like it.

If I get enough high scores the shirt will be printed and sold from the site and I will win some prizes. Take a look at it and if you like it, sign up and give it a score!


In this URL you can see the actual t-shirt placement and my creative process so come by to visit (:

septiembre 16, 2008


un speedpaint que me avente anoche.
Experimente algo con los colores calidos en el fondo pero aun resaltando al personaje.

septiembre 09, 2008


down to earth

Its me again.
This is a modified t-shirt submission for a design contest. I liked the graphic but then i passed layer by layer to obtain this paper like result.
The idea of it resides in us as artists. How many times do we fly to the sky in our own little world filled with doodles and crazy creatures? This little guy (name suggestions are welcome) came one day at the park and bought a balloon from the balloon man from the park, and the park was filled with gianormous trees filled with all kinds of fruits and, and, lollipop flowers were all around and suddenly he just starts to elevate until he reaches the sky, magical wonders appeared from all around, it was starting to rain when Mr. Black arrived from the deep in form of a gigantic ink splatter with a little skull mask and,

oh my god, its 2pm and i was supposed to be in a meeting at 1,

well you got the point.

sheezyart link:

septiembre 01, 2008

James Jean.

Ilustrador estadounidense con muy buen trabajo. Ha hecho de todo practicamente y lo descubri gracias a la grandiosa pagina de . Esta curioso porque su estilo es algo multifacetico. Puede ilustrar muy a la manera de comic y tambien hacer cosas hiperealistas. Les dejo ejemplos de su trabajo y deberian visitar su página ó